Rescue 69/3 - 2001 Freightliner FL70/EVI

Equipped with two light towers and a walk-in command center, this rig is utilized for special operations providing support equipment for dive and confined space rescue.

Rescue 69/4 - 1986 Chevy C60/SWAB

Featuring four wheel drive and two light towers, this rig is utilized for floodwater operations, dive support & patient transport from remote locations. It is equipped with Champion rescue tools, an inflatable boat and 30,000 pound winch with an A-frame assembly.

Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Unit

Initially organized in 1960 as a dive rescue team, Parsippany Rescue & Recovery has evolved into a unique multi-discipline emergency response agency. Serving the most populated town in Morris County with over 50,000 residents, the squad’s 25 active volunteer members and cadets operate from two stations answering an average of 550 alarms annually. The squad’s unique response capabilities include vehicle extrication (including along busy Interstate 80), elevator entrapment, dive and confined space rescue, tree removal, board-up and pump-out services, emergency power and lighting as well as rehabilitation services for the township’s six fire districts & two first aid squads.








Rescue 69/6 - 1995 Freightliner FL70/EVI

In addition to standard rescue tools, this rig features a cascade system capable of filling both SCBA and SCUBA cylinders.

Support 69/7 - 2014 GMC 2500

Featuring four wheel drive, this rig is used to tow a newly acquired rehab support trailer that responds township wide. It was sent by railcar to Wisconsin to have the “unyque” color scheme painted.

Rescue 69/2 - 2008 Freightliner M2/EVI

Responding first due, this rig features a cascade system and light tower. As with all the squad’s vehicles, it is equipped with a full complement of Hurst extrication tools and Vetter air bags located in the same compartment for ease of operation regardless of what unit is being utilized.

Special thanks to Chief Joe Bellardini & Sgt-At-Arms Charlie Bedi for their assistance in providing specs on these rigs as well as information on the squad’s unique operations. In addition, special thanks are also extended to members Paul Anderson & Brian Borquist for the invitation to attend the township wide photo shoot of Parsippany Fire & Rescue.

Parsippany Rescue & Recovery also operates a 1985 Dodge Ram two door SUV (with only 19,000 original miles!!) to tow trailers with rescue boats and an emergency power generator.

Rescue 69/1 - 2013 Freightliner/Pierce

Custom designed as a dive rescue response unit, this rig features an 18.5’ walk-in box with both a command and diver suit-up area. It is outfitted with dual awnings for establishing a rehab sector as well as a 9,000 lb. winch with six receiver points.