The history of Pearl River H & L Company’s aerial apparatus over a span of 44 years!!








12-TOWER - 2010 Pierce Velocity 100’/1750 gpm/300 gal.

The latest generation of 12-TOWER, this rig entered service in 2010 & features a steel aerial.

Ladder 12-99 - 1966 Maxim 100’

Shown here at the 2010 FireCats muster in Orange County (NY), this rig has a bit of a story behind it. It was purchased new by the Pearl River (NY) FD and operated until 1981 when it was sold to the Dewey FC of Hellertown, PA. After serving 24 years, it was purchased by Ex-Chief William “Billy” Harris Jr., an active member of Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. Ex-Chief Harris passed away suddenly in 2008 and two years later in March of 2010, two members of Pearl River Hook & Ladder approached his wife and son about restoring the truck. After some discussion, the rig was donated to them in May 2010 with the stipulation it be restored to its’ original condition with a plaque stating “Donated by the Harris family - in memory of Ex-Chief William V. Harris Jr”. The rig was transferred to an indoor garage to protect against the elements on May 15th, 2010 and the very next day, the restoration process began.

This rig holds many fond memories for the owners Michael Crean (an active H & L Co. member since 1976) & Bill Babcock (a former member of Pearl River Hook & Ladder from 1980-1993 & a current member of the Florida, New York Fire District since 1993). It was in service when both men joined the department and it was the first apparatus Mike drove when he became qualified as a chauffeur.

12-TOWER - 1990 Pierce Arrow 105’/1500 gpm/200 gal.

Between the 1966 Maxim 100’ mid-mount aerial and this rig, Pearl River Hook & Ladder Co. operated a 1981 Pierce Arrow/LTI 100’ rear-mount ladder tower (250 gpm/250 gal.) that carried 163’ of ground ladders. It was replaced with the rig shown above which carried 149’ ground ladders. Retired in 2010, it was sold to the Livonia FD in Livingston County, New York where it operates as Tower Ladder 258.