Compartments# 1-3

Power reel with junction box, inflatable command tents, mini-fridge (inserts for cooling vests), ice maker (for use in rebreathers), mini-fridge (rehab supplies)









Haz-Mat 23 (“Toxic Avenger”) - 2004 Pierce Lance

Measuring in at 57’ long, this custom designed haz-mat response rig formerly served Fort Monmouth (NJ) which is slated to close in 2010 (this rig has a virtual twin in service with the Newport News FD in Virginia). Having just been received by Picatinny Arsenal two weeks prior, this rig was on display following the Boonton FD’s parade to familiarize local responders with the units’ capabilities as it responds for mutual aid throughout Morris County & beyond. Equipped for CBRNE incidents, the rig features full radiological monitoring capabilities. Despite its’ massive size, it can be easily transported anywhere in the world on a C-17 cargo transport plane.

Special thanks to FF Tom Wieczerzak for his assistance in providing information on this “unyque” rig & its’ impressive capabilities.

Crew Cab

The three door raised roof cab features a command & research center featuring satellite TV & phone, internet access (Cat 5 capable), a surveillance camera, laptop & reference materials. Power is provided by a 10kw hydraulic generator on the tractor.

Compartment# 8

Overpack drum, power & supplied air reels, portable water heater & backboard conveyor assembly for decon operations

Compartment# 7

Supplied air system with purifier and extension hoses

Compartments# 3-6

Full PPE (Level A, B & C) storage

A roll-off awning provides weather protection while a ventilation system can pump heat or AC into the “suit-up”/rehab area to maintain a climate controlled atmosphere.

Crew Cab

Assorted metering devices, surveillance camera on telescoping mast, power cord reel

Compartments# 1-2

Power cord reel with junction box, portable floodlights, battery chargers for cordless tools & light tower control

Compartments# 3-4

Cordless tool kits, Draeger rebreather masks, portable ventilation/misting fans

Compartments# 5-6

Cart mounted portable generator with telescoping & portable floodlights, portable air cart, four bottle cascade system, spare SCBA cylinder storage

Compartment# 7

25 kw diesel generator (separate 10 kw hydraulic generator on tractor)

Compartment# 8

Robot for remote operations (can be operated corded or wireless)

Rear of apparatus

Fold-down stairway to upper body rooftop storage compartments

Serving an area of 6,800 acres including 800 buildings, 32 career members of the civilian Federal Fire Service provide Fire, First Responder EMS, Technical Rescue & Haz-Mat protection to the Picatinny Arsenal Army base as well as surrounding communities with mutual aid support. 

The following photos show the officer’s side of the apparatus (from rear to front) which provides means for “suit-up”, monitoring & rehabilitation of team members.

The following photos show the driver’s side of the apparatus (from front to rear) which provides supplies for detection & mitigation of haz-mat incidents.

In addition to Haz-Mat 23, Picatinny Arsenal operates a Pierce fleet consisting of an engine, 105’ rear mount ladder, 3,000 gallon tanker, a Contender 4WD brush truck & a 6x6 utility towing a decon trailer.

“Toxic Avenger”

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2010 Tom Rinelli