Engine 841 - 1985 Pemfab/EmergencyOne 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Scheduled to be replaced in the Fall of 2011 with a new Pierce, this workhorse seats six (4 with SCBA). It is equipped with a 6 KW generator, cord reel, 10 Draeger SCBA & 89’ of ground ladders including a 35’ extension (truck company support is provided through mutual aid by the neighboring Manhasset-Lakeville & Port Washington FD’s).

Plandome operates their firehouse out of the lower level of the village hall complex.









Special thanks to Chief Goodwin for his assistance in arranging this visit & providing information on the department & its’ apparatus.

Engine 842 - 1999 American LaFrance/Central States 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Responding first due, this rig was custom designed with a short wheelbase to accommodate tight quarters in its’ firehouse as well as to negotiate the low overhang of a train trestle. Seating eight (5 with SCBA), it features a rear mount pump, foam system and carries a total of 10 Draeger SCBA with spare cylinders for each pack.

Organized in 1913, the department provides fire protection for the Village of Plandome, a one square mile response area of an affluent residential community. A roster of 95 members (ranging from interior FF’s to support personnel including fire police) answer an average of 75 alarms annually with EMS service provided by the Nassau County Police Emergency Ambulance Bureau. Plandome’s members are the epitome of the volunteer fire service - while many are lawyers, accountants & executives, when the whistle blows, they are instantly transformed into the protectors of their community.

The rear mount pump coupled with pre-connected attack & supply lines provides this rig with a short wheelbase to accommodate the unique needs of its’ response area.