Fire Police 5A1-4 - 2010 Ford/ProLiner

Assigned for traffic control, this rig is equipped with a generator, light tower & support equipment (portable pumps, wet vacs, tarps) for salvage operations in the many historic buildings in the district. 

Rescue 5A1-7 - 1971/1994 Ford/Young/Micro Fire Apparatus

Formerly assigned to Fire Police Co# 4 for traffic control, this rig was refurbished in 1994 with the rescue box being remounted on a Ford CargoStar chassis. Now utilized as the department’s heavy rescue, it is equipped for vehicle extrication as well as water/ice, confined space & high angle rescue.








Engine 5A1-5 - 2005 Seagrave 1500 gpm/500 gal.

One of three front line engines, Port Jefferson operates a fleet of Seagrave apparatus.

Ladder 5A1-1 - 2009 Seagrave 100’ Rear Mount Aerial 

This rig replaced a 1983 Seagrave rear mount aerial that was a “tag-on” to an FDNY order. The former rig was sold to a California based company that provides vehicles for movie productions.

Special thanks to Asst. Chief Dave Williams as well as Ex-Chiefs Herb Reckenbeil & Jim Scholl for their assistance in providing background information on the department & its’ apparatus.

Brush 5A1-12 - 2009 Ford F550/Antioch/CET 75 gpm/400 gal.

Equipped with four wheel drive & single rear tires, this rig can be used for beachfront evacuation of victims. It features a 9,000 lb. portable winch with front & rear receivers, a 125 psi air compressor, 200’ 3/4” booster reel, a 200’ 1-3/4” crosslay and 10 gallons of Class A foam.

Organized in 1887, Port Jefferson provides Fire & Rescue protection to a historic port town. Target hazards range from a downtown shopping area with mixed occupancies, historic homes dating back to the 1800’s & large vehicle/passenger ferries traversing Long Island Sound to Connecticut. One hundred volunteers organized into five companies and two squads (heavy rescue & brush) answer an average of 425 alarms annually.

Coming Spring 2013 - Port Jefferson’s 1946 open cab American LaFrance 700 Series engine

PJFD “Prom Run 2009”

Port Jefferson FD has a “unyque” tradition whereby their younger members graduating high school can be escorted to their senior prom with a department motorcade. Forwarded through their company captain, the request is approved by the chiefs office provided the member is in good standing. The member is then escorted in their private vehicle with a lights & siren response through the downtown waterfront area to the high school. A pretty cool way to create a “grand entrance” to your prom!!!