Sayville Fire Department

Organized in the spring of 1878 as the Sayville Hook & Ladder Co., the department was formally organized in 1905 with the merger of Resolute Hose Co. (circa 1891) . Responding from two stations, Sayville’s 55 active volunteers provide Fire & Technical Rescue protection to a district encompassing residential homes, a “downtown” commercial area, oceanfront shoreline and a small stretch of Sunrise Highway.

Engine 3-11-4 - 2009 Pierce Velocity 2000 gpm/730 gal.

The department recently placed a pair of these rigs into service.

Engine 3-11-2 - 1999 Pierce Dash 1500 gpm/500 gal./50 gal. AFFF

Responding out of Station 2, this rig due its’ close proximity to Sunrise Highway is equipped with a full complement of Hurst extrication tools. It (along with Rescue 6) is adorned with a memorial to Station 2 member Lincoln Quappe, an FDNY Rescue 2 firefighter lost on 9/11 (click here for a close up view).

Rescue 3-11-6 - 1999 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue

This rig is equipped with both pre-connected & portable Hurst extrication tools, air bags & a light tower.

Tactical Rescue 3-11-7 - 1978 Ford C8000/Saulsbury Heavy Rescue

The predecessor to Rescue 6, it now serves the department’s Tactical Rescue Team.

Special thanks to Chief Tom Patalano, Capt. Bill Roderka, Lieutenants Dan Karl, Erik Schwint & Nick Cirnigliaro as well as Commissioner/Ex-Chief Don Hodgkinson for their hospitality & assistance with the photographing of these rigs.








Ladder 3-11-9 - 1985/2010 Mack/Baker/Pierce 75’ Aerialscope

After 24 years of faithful service, this rig was remounted with the boom, bucket and outriggers from the original Aerialscope transferred onto a Pierce Velocity chassis. Featuring an eight man crew cab, this rig measures in at just 44’ long allowing it to easily “make the swing” into tight streets and set back properties. Through the use of the existing Aerialscope components coupled with grant funding, the department was able to pay their $400,000 portion outright while leasing twin 2009 Pierce Velocity engines all without raising their budget!!