Established in 1884, Sea Cliff is located on the North Shore of Nassau County (Long Island). Thirty active volunteers respond to an average of 450 alarms annually providing Fire, Rescue & ALS level EMS protection. Sea Cliff celebrated 125 years of dedicated service to the community in June of 2009.

Ladder 574 - 2006 Seagrave 100’ Rear Mount Ladder

Due to the height limitations imposed by a 75 year old firehouse, Ladder 574 was built with a low profile cab. Even with the low profile, this rig is still quite a tight fit and requires a well coordinated driver to handle it (any snow accumulation has to be shoveled away from the bay door entrance to ensure the proper amount of clearance is provided!!)

SQUEEZE - now that’s what you call a tight fit!!

Despite being built with a low profile cab, Ladder 574 still did not fit in the firehouse when delivered. The apparatus had to be modified further by having the safety railing around the operator’s pedestal on the turntable cut down to fit within the confines of the bay. As can be seen in the photo, even with this modification, it is still a very tight fit that requires a slow, skilled approach to backing it in.

Engine 576 - 1998 American LaFrance/Saulsbury 1,500 gpm/500 gal.

This was one of the first American LaFrance rigs delivered on Long Island in the late 1990’s after the company’s return to the region after a marked absence hence the unique taupe-over-red paint scheme. This rig has a twin in the same color serving the Islip Terrace FD in neighboring Suffolk County.

Engine 572 - 2004 American LaFrance/R.D. Murray 1500 gpm/500 gal./30A foam

Engine 573 - 1984 Mack MR/Saulsbury 1000 gpm/500 gal.

Retired in 2010, this rig now serves the Bolivar (PA) FC as Pipeline 89.

Sea Cliff has operated out of this nostalgic firehouse since 1931. The original hardwood doors (manually operated) provide that truly classic firehouse look while challenging the apparatus chauffeurs with extremely tight quarters when moving the apparatus.

A close-up view shows the well maintained condition of these doors despite their exposure to the harsh Northeast winter weather. The doors run on an overhead track and are still manually operated - in an effort to speed response, Sea Cliff utilizes a simple yet effective pulley system with a pull handle (resembling a train’s horn pull cord) next to each apparatus that the driver uses to open the doors.

Special thanks to Chief Bobby Citko, Lt. John Bunce & FF Tyler Olsson for their assistance in positioning the apparatus & providing background information on the department and its’ operations.

Rescue 575 - 1992 Ford/PL Custom Walk-in Rescue

Formerly responding first due to all rescues, this rig (as well as Engine 573) was retired in 2010 with the arrival of a Spartan/Crimson rescue engine. A local home improvement contractor purchased the rig and promptly removed the generator which he then sold for twice what he bought the truck for!!  

Ambulance 579 - 2007 Ford/MedTec (ALS equipped)