Responding from two stations, Selden provides Fire, Technical Rescue & ALS level EMS protection to a mix of residential & commercial properties along with the heavily traveled high speed roadways of Middle Country Road & County Road 83. Selden’s volunteers keep quite busy ranking as the second busiest for working fires among Suffolk County’s 109 departments & as an active member of the Brookhaven Technical Rescue Taskforce, a consortium of departments providing technical rescue support among the 37 fire departments in the 5th division.

Engine 5-25-5 - 2007 Pierce Lance 2000 gpm/750 gal.

1965 Ford/Young 250 gpm/300 gal.

Modified by Selden for use as a brush truck, this rig featured pump & roll capability. This workhorse has certainly seen some action judging by the body condition. It is currently stored outdoors at the Brookhaven Town Firemen’s Museum where it may be refurbished one day to its’ former glory.

GI (Brush) 5-25-9 (Retired) - 1972 AM General/Selden FD

This retired GI “stumpjumper” (a Long Island grown creation) was built in-house by Ex-Chief George Godberson Sr. & Ex-Capt. Joe Parente . Photographed behind the nearby Middle Island FD’s headquarters, these rigs are sold among departments for parts to “kitbash” new or existing stumpjumpers.

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Engine 5-25-6 - 1999 Pierce Lance 2000 gpm/750 gal.

GI (Brush) 5-25-9 - 1952 GMC M-135/Chivvis 300 gpm/650 gal.

Formerly serving Yaphank, this rig was completely refurbished. The only reference to its’ former life is the word “Moose” on the officer’s side roll bar - added while still operating with Yaphank as a tribute to their assistant chief who passed away unexpectedly, Selden left it in place to honor his memory.

Brush 5-25-10 - 2001 Ford F-550/Firematic B.R.A.T. 300 gpm/400 gal.

Selden operates two of these “trail trucks” along with the GI “stumpjumper” shown above. This rig was the second B.R.A.T. ever built & the first with a “king cab”.

Special thanks to Ex-Captain Chet Carman & Ex-Chief/District Mechanic John Bartnik for their assistance with positioning these rigs and providing background information.

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