Snorkel 21 - 1993 Simon-Duplex/3-D/Snorkel 85’/2000 gpm/200 gal.

After 21 years of service, this rig is due to be replaced with a Seagrave Apollo II 100’/2000/500 rear mount platform quint (the second Apollo II built). When talk of replacing this rig began in 2012, the township considered not replacing it as the other two fire companies operated a 102’ rear mount platform and two Tele-Squrts. Slackwood FC wisely began compiling stats on the rig’s response record - due to its’ “up and over” capability, it was often special called on mutual aid including into the neighboring city of Trenton (the NJ state capitol which has a large amount of industrial properties). When all the stats were compiled, it was discovered that Snorkel 21 was the second busiest truck company in Mercer County!! Considering they are now receiving a new 100’ rear mount platform, it just proves good record keeping pays off!!

The original firehouse was built in 1907 to house the hand pulled 40 gallon chemical tank used as the company’s original apparatus (it has since been demolished). In 1921, a two story firehouse with two bays to house the chemical cart and a 1914 200 gpm pumper was constructed (the yellow portion of the present day firehouse). A major addition including a hall and kitchen facilities was constructed in 1957 in memory of the five firefighters killed in a line of duty apparatus crash in 1934. Several other additions have been made over the years including a maintenance bay large enough to fit any of the township’s vehicles for use as a centralized repair shop.








Special thanks to FF Ken Fisher for the invitation to photograph Slackwood’s fleet, positioning the apparatus and providing background information on the company. Thanks are also extended to Chief of Department Mark Lenarski Sr. for positioning Snorkel 21 for photos.

Engine 21 - 1998 Simon-Duplex/3-D 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Resembling a rescue pumper with its’ large body, this rig carries 1,200’ of 5” LDH supply line on a reel as well as an additional 500’ in the hosebed.

Rescue 21 - 2004 American LaFrance 2000 gpm/750 gal.

Seating six each with headsets (including wireless for the driver & officer), this rig is equipped with Holmatro extrication tools, airbags and cordless hand tools.

Organized in 1907, Slackwood provides Fire & Rescue protection to Lawrence Township in conjunction with two other fire companies. One of only three local fire companies maintaining 100% volunteer membership (most surrounding companies utilize combination staffing), thirty active volunteers answer an average of 800 alarms annually.