US Army Fire Service

369th Engineer Detachment - Fire Truck Team

The “369th” is an Army reserve unit stationed at the North Penn Memorial US Army Reserve Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The unit can be deployed worldwide to provide fire protection including structural/ARFF firefighting, fire prevention and extinguisher training to uniformed military personnel on base facilities. Notable deployments include service in Bosnia (December 1995-September 1996) & Operation Iraqi Freedom (February 2003-June 2004).

Engine 31 - 2005 Oshkosh/Pierce TFFT (Tactical Fire Fighting Truck)

Built to withstand the extremes of worldwide deployment for fire protection, the TFFT features all wheel drive, a 1,000 gallon water tank & two 50 gallon foam tanks. While it may appear not to offer much in the way of compartment space, it carries quite an impressive inventory for both firefighting & rescue operations. Providing seating for 6 FF’s (5 with SCBA), it is equipped with hand tools, extinguishers, ground ladders (10, 14 & 24 foot), 15‘ & 10’ of hard/soft suction hose, PPV fan, a full complement of T-N-T extrication tools, cribbing, air bags, an air chisel, saws  (reciprocating, rotary & chain), a SKED stretcher and BLS equipment including oxygen.

And you thought YOUR rig’s hosebed was high!!!

The TFFT is equipped with a total of 1,800’ of Angus Hi-Combat with reflective stripes as the standard issue hose for all attack lines.









Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli

Copyright 2009 Tom Rinelli