Engine 452 - 2004 Spartan/Crimson 1750 gpm/750 gal.

Seating eight, this rig is outfitted with a 15 kw generator. Its’ equipment complement includes a thermal imager, 1,250’ of 4” LDH supply line and 35 gallons each of both AB combination and alcohol resistant AFFF foam.

Operating as one of twelve fire districts serving the Town of Colonie, the department serves a 9.2 square mile response area including a portion of the Mohawk River. Fifty active volunteers provide Fire & Rescue protection answering an average of 500-600 alarms annually. 

Verdoy Fire Department

Special thanks to 3rd Lt. Ryan Leonardo and FF Connor Mahan for their hospitality and assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing background information on the  department’s operations.

Squad 11 - 2001 Ford F-550/Almonte Fire Trucks

Seating six (including four with SCBA in the body), this rig is typically assigned for EMS first response, water/ice and rope rescue. When the department retired their 1989 Simon-Duplex/Saulsbury rescue engine while awaiting delivery of a custom built Sutphen heavy rescue delivered in late 2014, this rig carried a small complement of Holmatro extrication tools. Accordingly, it was backed up by automatic mutual aid with the response of neighboring Latham Rescue 4 on all extrication calls. It is equipped with 300’ rope bags, a CO meter, submersible pump, EMS and water rescue gear including an inflatable boat.

Engine 450 - 2010 Sutphen 75’/2000 gpm/500 gal.

Originally a demonstrator, this rig is often requested by surrounding districts (all of which run 100’ mid or rear mount ladder towers) due to its’ ability to fit in tight spaces. The department has been so happy with the performance of this rig that they received their second Sutphen, a custom heavy rescue in late 2014 (a rarity for Sutphen who typically provides their cab/chassis to other manufacturers who build heavy rescues). It is outfitted with 1,200’ of 4” LDH supply line, a thermal imager as well as EMS equipment including an AED.

Fireboat 11 - 2006 Harbor Guard Firehawk 800 gpm

Covering a small portion of the Mohawk River, this impressive craft replaced a 1978 Boston Whaler. It features a 450 HP V8 motor, bow monitor, dive/recovery side access door, LED warning lights and center console mounted searchlights. it is equipped with 100’ of 1-3/4” attack line, 200’ of forestry hose, EMS and water rescue equipment.