Wayne Twp. Memorial First Aid Squad

Established in 1943, the volunteer members of this squad respond annually to over 4,500 alarms. Operating a fleet of 5 ambulances, a heavy rescue & 3 boats, they provide BLS level EMS transport and rescue services (extrication, water rescue, etc.).

Rescue 976 - 2004 Emergency One/Saulsbury

Designed as a “jack of all trades”, Rescue 976 is equipped for technical rescue, fireground support, command post operations and even EMS transport. The driver’s side provides access to the patient care transport compartment (see photo below for complete details) and an eight bottle cascade system with booster pump and an explosion proof fill enclosure.

Rescue 976- 2004 Emergency One/Saulsbury

The officer’s side provides access to the crew cab (equipped with 3 SCBA seats) & command post (equipped with multiple band radios, PC & weather station). A full set of pre-connected Hurst Gold series rescue tools, a generator, 50’ & 33’ light towers, reels for hydraulic/air/electric power (including 200 amp service to power buildings) and a large oxygen cylinder piped to the patient transport compartment round out the impressive equipment cache.

In keeping with the concept of a “jack of all trades”, Rescue 976 is equipped with a fully functional transport compartment that can transport a patient to the hospital in the event the squads’ five ambulances are assigned to other alarms. It is fully equipped with a pre-piped oxygen system, cabinets for BLS supplies and a 660 lb. hydraulic lift for loading the patient. In a situation where a bariatric patient is encountered, this lift protects the members against injury while providing the patient with a smooth, safe transport to the hospital.

A memorial was dedicated on January 26, 2008 to the memory of former mayor David A. Waks whom was a valued friend to the squad in supporting their operations.








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