1915 Seagrave Hand Drawn Ladder Cart

Assigned serial number 15186, this was the last hand drawn ladder cart built by Seagrave according to their paint department records. This rig was used exclusively until 1924 when the department’s first motorized apparatus, an REO Speedwagon with a locally built Childs body entered service. As this rig was the only source of ladders, it was used sporadically until the mid 1950’s. At that time, the continued use of this rig resulted in a “spirited discussion” between the outgoing & incoming fire chiefs which was settled in the swampy mud pit behind the firehouse (the rig was retired at that point).








Hose Cart

While not an actual West Winfield rig, this early 1900’s era hand drawn hose cart was purchased by a member and donated to the department for parade purposes.

1939 Federal/Fire Apparatus Engineering 500 gpm/200 gal.

This rig was assembled by a regional builder in Clayton, NY that only produced about twenty fire apparatus. Click here for the complete history of this unique rig spanning four generations of a firefighting family.

Formerly operated by the City of Utica, this was the very first “Orion 1” model produced. It was donated by a local bus company with the lightbars being supplied by two separate fire departments that had them as surplus equipment. Originally planned for use as a mobile office for the department’s field days (carnival), it has also been used as a command post during a prolonged haz-mat incident as well as for rehab purposes during harsh Central New York winters.

Ambulance 609 - 2009 Chevy /Road Rescue

West Winfield provides ALS level transport at the EMT-Critical Care & Paramedic level to four other fire districts in addition to its’ own serving a 250 square mile response area. Averaging 300 alarms annually, the neighboring fire districts provide EMS first response at the BLS level as response times to the farthest end of the service area can be as long as 20-25 minutes with a lights & siren response.

Rescue 512 - 1992 International 4900/EVI Walk-In Rescue

While in the market for a used rescue truck, the department found this rig from Winona, New Jersey on the internet. It features a light tower and two compartments dedicated specifically to hold large amounts of cribbing (while West Winfield does not perform extrication, they are well equipped to stabilize vehicles prior to the arrival of mutual aid companies that provide heavy rescue).

Special thanks to Chief Kevin Brown & Deputy Chief Jim Murphy for their tremendous assistance in providing access to the antique rigs and providing background history on the department’s unique apparatus.