Rescue 6 - 1993 Freightliner FL 80/KME

While not easily recognizable as a KME, this rig was originally a demonstrator that was used at Daytona International Speedway. Equipped for extrication, Haz-Mat, high angle & confined space rescue, it features Hurst extrication tools, a 12 bottle cascade system & a 4 ton crane which is useful for incidents along Interstate 81 & Route 309 which run through Wilkes Barre Township’s response area.

This four bay station houses Wilkes Barre Township’s entire fleet. In addition, it is also home to the Firemen’s Inn, a local entertainment venue.








Truck 7 - 1987 Duplex/Grumman 121’ 

With a length of 121’, this aerial device has the longest reach in the region.

Engine 2 - 2005 KME 1250 gpm/1000 gal.

A rarity in today’s fire service, this rig is equipped with seating for just four firefighters.

Engine 3 - 2003 KME 1250 gpm/750 gal./CAFS

Featuring a CAFS plumbed to three pre-connects, this rig can serve “double duty” as a back-up rescue. Equipped with a front bumper enclosure which normally holds wildland tools, it can be used to store the extrication tools if Rescue 6 is placed out of service.

Special thanks to Chief John Yuknavich & Asst. Chief Danny Harkenreader for their hospitality & assistance in positioning the apparatus and providing specs.

Wilkes Barre Twp. Vol. Fire Department

Providing Fire & Rescue protection to a two mile suburban residential & commercial area surrounding the City of Wilkes Barre, the department’s 12 volunteers respond to an average of 350-400 alarms annually.